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Mid-Semester Quiz

Your first piece of assessment for this course is a mid semester quiz.


This exam will take place in the normal lecture time and location in week 5.

What will I be quizzed on?

You will be quizzed on course content from weeks 1 to 4. This includes anything covered in the lecture, lecture slides, tutorial workbook and assigned readings.

What is the format of the exam?

This exam is multiple choice. This means for each question you get a choice of 4/5 responses. You simply pick the correct reMultiple choice testsponse (a,b,c,d or e) and colour in a circle on your answer sheet that corresponds to this answer (as shown on right). You will have 70 questions, with 90 minutes to complete the exam.

How can I prepare?

Firstly, please attend all lectures and tutorials as you will learn all relevant content that could be on the exam. When beginning your revision for the exam, it is a great idea to revise your lecture slides and complete the activities in your tutorial workbook. Next, you will find the practice quizzes online are very similar in format to those on the actual exam. There are 20 practice questions for each chapter of your textbook to complete.

What if I have questions?

You can leave a question in the comments section below or contact your tutor.


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