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Did you know?

This page will feature the latest interesting and funny things from the marketing world. Check back regularly for updates.


  • Listerine (pictured, right) started out as a sore through remedy, floor cleaner and dandruff cure. It was finally marketed as a cure for Halitosis in 1922 and this made the brand big. Listerine
  • The slogan Often a bridesmaid, never a bride  began as a slogan for Listerine in the 1930’s.
  • The Tour de France began as a circulation booster for French newspaper L’Auto. After it began in 1903, circulation of L’Auto rose from 25, 000 to 60, 000. Then by the 1923 Tour de France it passed 500,000.
  • Engagement rings only became commonplace in the 1940’s, before that asking a woman to marry you was symbolic enough. However diamond sales were flagging due to the Great Depression, so diamond company De Beers hired a marketing company to ensure that they became commonplace on woman’s hands.
  • The 2 week All Bran and Special K challenge is based on the idea that if you can get someone to try the product for 2 weeks, that sets their habits for future purchaseSpecial K Challenges.
  • Every time you wear a piece of clothing with a brand name on it, you are advertising their brand for free. In fact, you paid for the right to advertise their brand.
  • Earth Hour began as a way for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to raise the profile of global warming.  In its first year, 2.2m locals switched off for one hour. Just two years later, hundreds of millions of people were taking part in more than 4000 cities in 88 countries.
  • The modern vision of Santa Clause is based on that portrayed in Coca-Cola ads in the 1920’s (pictured, right).Santa claus This well known figure still features heavily in Coca-Cola holiday season advertisements.
  • Only 6.3% of people believe claims made by cosmetic ads, but 92.8% of us say we don’t want to live without the products.
  • Product placement has arrived to video games.  Billboards in games can change every time a player does a lap of the race track (pictured).Billboard in game

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