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What Marketers do

I have often been asked what marketers do as part of their job. The simple answer is…well there isn’t one really. The truth is that marketing is a very broad profession, with marketers being employed in almost all industries across the world.  By now in the course you should know that marketing is an important business function, that connects the organisation with customers.

However, despite this importance, marketing is still very often misunderstood. sales = marketingCommon misconceptions include  equating marketing with sales. In fact, it is common to see salesperson positions advertised in the marketing section of the classifieds. In actual reality, marketers are not sales people. Instead, marketers are first and foremost concerned with marketing strategy.

Well that’s great, I hear you saying, but what do they actually DO?  Basically, a marketing professional’s tasks can be broken down into three categories:

1. Planning –  developing marketing strategy, compiling marketing plans, conducting market research, establishing objectives, conduct environmental scanning (eg. SWOT and PESTL analysis), return on investment and profit-and-loss projections, negotiating with suppliers, liase with advertising executives to plan a campaign.

2. Implementing – coordinate events, oversee implementation of marketing plan, oversee advertising campaigns, conduct field market research, coordinate marketing staff.

3. Evaluating – conduct performance evaluations of marketing and sales staff, evaluate advertising campaign effectiveness, monitor financial profit/loss, and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing plan using marketing metrics.

Woah! I hope I didn’t just scare you off a job in marketing already. As you can see, the tasks that a marketer performs are extremely varied. But that is exactly what keeps the job exciting; no two days are the same.

Not sure you are up to doing all of these tasks? The good news is that employees new to marketing usually start with a role as a marketing assistant – under the direct guidance of a more experienced marketing manager.This will allow you to develop the industry special skills you require to do the job.

However, a degree with a major in marketing will prepare you for such a career in marketing. In particular, you will see that this course requires you develop your own marketing strategy, which is shown in a marketing plan. You will undertake an environmental scan where you conduct a SWOT and PESTL analysis, analyse your competitors and detail your consumers that you will target. Next, you will set your objectives before developing your marketing mix to achieve these goals. You will design a product, decided on a price and distribution strategy, and develop a promotional campaign. You will also identify marketing metrics that you would use to evaluate your campaign.

See, you have already developed a lot of the skills you need for a career in marketing. You’re better prepared than you thought!


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